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Courses & classes

We offer a great variety of classes that can fit every professional level. Here you will find finest selection of courses, dedicated mentors and a full training program.

Facility & location 

Situated in Sofia, our training center is created to fit the technical requirements of any learning individual. The facility is easy to access with a free parking.


Worried about your first visit in Sofia? No problem. We have carefully selected our partners to offer you the best accommodation to make your stay amazing.


Team Members

Teodor Rachev

Teodor Rachev

Deyan Evlogiev

Deyan Evlogiev

Phd. Tanya Ilieva

Phd. Tanya Ilieva

arch. Kalin Blagov

arch. Kalin Blagov

Discover Sofia

The voice of the busy city

Sofia has nearly 2 million population and is the capital of Bulgaria. There are plenty of charter flights and as a developed and bright city, it can offers a lot of activities. Nestled at the foot of the Vitosha mountain, the city will reveal to you countless places with great food, ancient history and modern entertainment.


Bulgarian food is tasty, fresh and hearty. The national cuisine is representative of the cuisine of Eastern Europe. Therefore, it shares culinary characteristics with other Balkan regions. Bulgaria is a country that will never leave you hungry. So be prepared to quickly fill your list with some ‘must-eat’ national dishes – from Tarator and Banitza to Meshana Skara and Shopska Salata.


The city’s landmarks reflect more than 2,000 years of history. Sofia has a lot of stories to share with you. Many of the buildings you’ll discover are from the Bulgarian Revival in the late-19th century, when our country reclaimed its independence from the Ottomans. Impressive architecture, cultural centers, religious monuments, city gardens and lively streets – all of these are waiting to be explored.

Culture & history

Sofia has more than 7,000 years of turbulent history. Although is no grand metropolis, it is a modern, youthful city with fascinating churches, natural hot springs, and even Ottoman mosques that give an exotic feel. Sofia is a hometown of major universities, cultural institutions, and abundance of international companies that altogether shape the contemporary spirit of the ancient capital.


Sofia is a fun, funky capital, with extraordinary opportunities and activities. However, there is so much more in Bulgaria besides its famous capital. If you are willing to explore its most remarkable surrounding areas, you won’t be disappointed. Choosing from Rila Monastery, the 7 Rila Lakes, some of the beautiful dams around the city or the Old Town of Plovdiv – the capital of culture for 2019, is just among the endless options for quick trips around.


Sofia people are active by no means. You’ll be surprised by the numerous sports alternatives the city and the surrounding areas offer. There are many modern sports centers for whatever comes to mind – from aerial yoga to kango jumps, capoeira, Zumba or national dances. However, you may choose kayaking at Pancharevo Lake, walking on Vitosha Mountain or even horse riding. And if you prefer to be a spectator, don’t worry – the city has a lot of sports events to show you too.


One thing that makes Bulgaria highly attractive for living, working or just visiting is its nature. We have developed seaside tourist centers, infinite opportunities for mountain tourism and Vitosha is just one step away from the capital. Bulgaria can offer a diverse selection of remarkable natural wonders: magical mountains, fairy forests, glacial lakes and caves, immense rocks, numerous UNESCO sites, nature reserves and beautiful national parks.

Our facility

Welcome to our place! Creative Industries Academy is situated in the inspiring office of AECO Space – the exclusive authorized SketchUp and V-Ray distributor for Southeast Europe.

Our training center has 10 working stations, heavily equipped to meet the rendering experience of all our students at one time. These super machines have the latest versions of all software required. No need to bring your own device.

Come and take a cup of coffee while relaxing after the latest course of ours. Enjoy a chat with friends and mentors before getting back to work again.

We offer not just the next educational program but an emotional experience that you’ll remember.

Why not join us today?